Florence to Rome

Florence to Rome

Today was an easy, relaxed day with nothing planned, but getting to Rome and the Vatican museum on the agenda in the evening. This left us with plenty of time to wander one last time around Florence. We walked around trying to find museums that took the Firenze card and tried both da Vinci museums and neither took card. Next, we went to the Medici-Riccardo Palace. It was just a -meh-. I probably wouldn’t bother going until you have tapped out all the other museums in Florence. It had a few rooms that you could see which had the typical Florence ornate ceilings. There were also so nice statues in the courtyard. One was a modern statue that we really liked.


We then continued walking all around the city. I found a street artist selling some beautiful watercolor paintings and purchased two. After people watching in the piazza for a while, we found a great restaurant near the river. I had an amazing dish of ravioli with pears and walnuts in a light cream sauce and Dylan had frittata. This was probably the best meal I had in Italy.

In the early evening, we took a train to Rome, which was delayed by an hour or so. Once we got there, we had to take the metro to the Spanish Step and then walk for about 10-15 min. We were in a time crunch as I had purchased some special Friday evening tickets for the Vatican Museum and our 8pm check in time was fast approaching. This, of course, meant that we got lost and couldn’t find the Airbnb apartment we were renting. After a brief breakdown, Dylan found the street and we checked in. It was then necessary to ran much of the way to the museum, stopping just quickly to grab a slice of pizza for the road.

The Vatican museum is just amazing. I could definitely spend a few days looking at everything. One evening was certainly not enough. If you can get into the museum on one of these special Friday night openings, you certainly should. It will save you from waiting in a long line and it will be much less crowded. On the night we were there, there was also an orchestra playing in the courtyard. It was nice to have the background music while exploring the enormous museum.


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